Joe's1999 Indianapolis 500 Scrapbook

Pre-Race Festivities - In which we chronicle the activities leading up to motor racing's greatest spectacle.  Look for such noted celebrities as Jim Nabors, Jay Leno and the cop-who-stands-on-his-motorcycle.

A. J. Foyt's Team - Directly accross from our seats was A. J.'s pits.  These shots show his three teams and the eventuall winner, Kenny Brack.

Jeff Ward - Eugene's favorite.  Jeff looked strong all race and especially going into the final 50 laps.  He didn't have enough for the leaders at the end and dropped back to 3rd.

Robbie Gordon - Joe's favorite (which is why there are so many pictures).  Started 4th, dropped as low as 22nd before coming back to lead until lap 199 (white flag).  Ran out of gas on the last lap and finished 4th.

Pit Lane Wreck - What a bizzare incident!   Greg Ray (leader going into the pits), in an effort to clear the car in the pit in front of his, pulled out a bit too far and caught the left rear wheel of the red car (who was traveling in the fast lane of pit road).  They both careened into the pit wall head-first.

People - With over 400,000 people, the people watching is pretty good...

Post-Race - Yes A. J.'s team won.

Updated: 1 June 1999